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A cone of base radius 10 cm is cut down from the mid-point of its height.find the ratio of the two cones.

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Given;a;cone;is;cut;from;cone;of;height;h;and;radius;R;from;height;of;frach2\* look;into;figure; 	riangle ADC;and; 	riangle AEF;are;silmilar;so,\* fracADAE=fracBCEF\*Rightarrow frachfrach2=fracRr\* Rightarrow r=fracR2\* volume;of;cone;before;cutting=fracpi 	imes R^2	imes h3\* volume;of;cone;after;cutting=fracpi 	imes R^2	imes h3	imes 4	imes 2\* ratio;of;two;cone=fracvolume;before;cuttingvolume;after;cutting\* Rightarrow fracfracpi 	imes R^2	imes h3fracpi 	imes R^2	imes h3	imes 4	imes 2=frac1frac18=frac81\*So,;ratio;of;two;cones;is;8:1

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Deependra Verma

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