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A man sees the top of a flag post at the angle of elevation 60 degree from a point "a" meter away from the base of the post. He sees the top at the angle of elevation at 30 degree from the distance "b" from the base. Show that the height of the post ie "h"=?ab ???

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eginarrayl	extlet height of the pole is h.\ 	extProve h=sqrtab.\ 	extGiven 	extfrom a meter form base of pole, top of the flag is at 60^circ 	extand from b meter it is at 30^circ. \ 	extusing tangent rule we get,\ 	an60^circ=frachaRightarrowfracha=sqrt3    left(1
ight)\ 	an30^circ=frachbRightarrowfrachb=frac1sqrt3        left(2
ight)\ 	extFrom left(1
ight)	imesleft(2
ight),\ frach^2ab=sqrt3	imesfrac1sqrt3=1Rightarrow h^2=abRightarrow h=sqrtabendarray

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Deependra Verma

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