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A student holding a mirror in his hand, directed the reflecting surface of the mirror towards the Sun. He then directed the reflected light on to a sheet of paper held close to the mirror.

(a) What should he do to burn the paper ?

(b) Which type of mirror does he have ?

(c) Will he be able to determine the approximate value of focal length of this mirror from this activity ? Give reason and draw ray diagram to justify your answer in this case. 





Answers (1)

(a) To burn the paper student should move the mirror in such a way that paper is positioned at the focus of the mirror.

(b) Student have converging type of mirror that is concave mirror.

(c) Yes, he can measure the approximate value of focal length from this activity as paper will burn when it will be kept at focus of the mirror, as shown is figure.

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Eileen Delcy

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