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A student while observing an embryo of a pen seed in the laboratory listed various parts of the embryo as given below : 

Testa, tegmen, radicle, Plumule, micropyle, cotyledon


On examining the list the teacher remarked that only three parts are correct. Select three correct parts from the above list

a) tests, Radicle, cotyledons    b) Tegmen, Radicle, Microphyle

c) cotyledons, plumule, Testa    d) Radicel, cotyledons, plumule





Answers (1)

The correct order is (d) radicel, cotyledons and plumule.


Plant embryos are in the immature form and they contain only the immature root( radicle), immature shoot( plumule) and the cotyledon which is the central part of the embryo.

The radicle and plumule are attached to the cotyledons and later they give rise to mature roots and shoots( stem, leaves, etc) respectively.

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Satyajeet Kumar

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