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A train travels a distance of 480 km at a uniform speed. if the speed had been 8 km/h less. then it would have taken 3 hours more to cover the same distance. we need to find the speed of the train.

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Assume the speed of the train = x km/hour.

Distance = 480 km

Time taken = 480/x 


(480)/(x-8) - 480/x =3

480{(x-x+8)  /x(x-8)} =3

480(8) =3x(x-8)

x2 - 8x -1280=0

x2 - 40x + 32x-1280=0

x(x-40) + 32 (x-40)=0


x = -32 (not possible) 

Hence x = 40 km/hour is the speed of the train.

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Ravindra Pindel

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