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Find the ratio of each of the following in the simplest form- 2.1m to 1.2m 60 paiseto 4 rupees 15 mm to 2 cm express the following in the simplest form- 1/15 :1/25 in a class there are 30 boys and 25girls. find the ratio of the number of 1)boys to that of girls 2)girls to that of total number of students 3)boys to that of total number of students

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Ratio;in;the;simplest;form\* 1);frac2.11.2=frac2112=frac73\* 2);frac60;paise4;rupee\* 1;rupee=100;paise\*Rightarrow frac604	imes 100=frac320\* 3);frac15;mm2;cm\*1;cm= 10;mm\*Rightarrow frac152	imes 10=frac34\* Express;in; simplest;form\* 1);fracfrac-115frac125\* fracfrac1afrac1b=frac1a	imes fracb1\*Rightarrow frac-115	imes frac251=frac-53\* 4);Total;number;of;Boys=30\* Total;number;of;girls=25\*Total; number;of;student=30+25=55\* i);Ratio;of;number;of;boys;to;the; number;of;girls=frac3025=frac65\* ii); ratio;of;number;of;girls ;to;girls;to;that;of;total;number\*of;students=frac2555=frac511 \* iii);ratio;of;number;of;boys;to;that;of;total;number\*of;students= frac3055=frac611

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