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Pls answer fast...What do you mean by " Right to Freedom"?

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Right to freedom is a fundamental right which is provided by constitution of India under article 19 to 22 of part lll. There are 6 types of freedom given under article 19-

a)- Freedom of speech or              expression.

b)- Freedom to assemble              peacefully and without            arms.

c)- Freedom to form                        association or union.

d)-  Freedom to move freely           throughout the territory           of India.

e)- Freedom to reside and              settle in any part of India. 

f)- Freedom of profession,           occupation, trade or                 business. 

Apart from the above article 20, 21, 22 are also belongs to right to freedom-

Article 20- Protection in                                respect of                                    conviction for                            offences

Article 21- Right to life

Article 22- Protection against                      arrest and                                    detention in                                certain cases 


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