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Read the given passage and answer the questions that follow : The substitution reaction of alkyl halide mainly occurs by S_{N}1 or S_{N}2 mechanism. Whatever mechanism alkyl halides follow for the substitution reaction to occur, the polarity of the carbon halogen bond is responsible for these substitution reactions. The rate of S_{N}1reactions are governed by the stability of carbocation whereas for S_{N}2 reactions steric factor is the deciding factor. If the starting material is a chiral compound, we may end up with an inverted product or racemic mixture depending upon the type of mechanism followed by alkyl halide. Cleavage of ethers with HI is also governed by steric factor and stability of carbocation, which indicates that in organic chemistry, these two major factors help us in deciding the kind of product formed. Write the structures of the products formed when ethoxybenzene is treated with HI.

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Products formed when ethoxybenzene is treated with HI are

C2H5I + C6H5OH

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