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The average atomic mass of a sample of an element X is 16.2 u. What are the percentages of isotopes 168X and 188X in the sample?

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Given, the average atomic mass of a sample of an element X is 16.2; u.

Two isotopes of element =  _8^16	extrmX and _8^18	extrmX

Now, Let's percent of isotope _8^16	extrmX be x and percent of _8^18	extrmX be 100 - x 

So, According to the question,

Average Atomic Mass :

16.2=16	imesfracx100+18	imesfrac100-x100





Hence the percentage of isotope _8^16	extrmX  is 90 % and thepercentage  isotope _8^16	extrmX is 10%.

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Deependra Verma

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