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Two number are in the ratio 5:6.When 2 is added to first and 3 is added to second,they are in the ratio 4:5.Find the numbers.

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As the number are in the ratio 5:6,let the numbers be 5x and 6x.
When 2 is added to the first number and 3 is added to the second number,then the numbers becomes 5x+2 and 6x+3.
Since these numbers are in the ratio 4:5,therefore,
frac5x+26x+3=frac45Rightarrow 5(5x+2)=4(6x+3)
Rightarrow 25x+10=24x+12
Rightarrow 25x-24x=12-10
Rightarrow x=2
	herefore The numbers are 5	imes2 and 6	imes2 i.e.,10 and 12.

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Deependra Verma

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