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Two points A and B are in the first quadrant and O is the origin if the slope of OA is 1 the slope of OB is 7, and the length of OA is equal to the length of OB is equal to root 50 then the slope of AB is

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For OA,Slope=1(Given)
angle=arctan 1=45
X-coordinate of point A =sqrt50cos (45)=sqrt50*frac1sqrt2=sqrt25=5
Y-coordinate of point A=sqrt50sin (45)=sqrt50*frac1sqrt2=sqrt25=5
Point A is (5,5)
For OB,Slope=7(Given)
angle=arctan 7=81.91
X-coordinate of point A=sqrt50cos(81.91)=1
Y-coordinate of point A=sqrt50sin(81.91)=7
Point B is (1,7)
Slope of Line AB is=fracx_2-x_1y_2-y_1frac7-51-5=frac2-4=-frac12

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Deependra Verma

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