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When a cross in made between tall plant with yellow seeds (TtYy) andtoll plant with green seed (Ttyy), what proportions of phenotype in theoffspring could be expected to be(a) tall and green.(b) dwarf and green.​

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Parents :  TtYy = Tall and Yellow    and   Ttyy = Tall and Green 

Gamenets formed : From TtYy = TY , Ty , tY , ty and From Ttyy = Ty , ty 

In F1 generation 8 gametes are formed using a Punnett square that is 

TY x TY = TTYy = Tall and Yellow 

TY x ty = TtYy = Tall and Yellow 

Ty x Ty = TTyy = Tall and Green 

Ty x ty = Ttyy = Tall and Green 

ty x Ty = Ttyy = Tall and Green 

ty x ty = ttyy = Dwarf and green 

tY x Ty = TtYy = Tall and Yellow 

tY x ty = ttYy = Dwarf and green 

Phenotype : Tall yellow : Tall green : Dwarf yellow : Dwarf green would be 3 : 3 : 1 : 1  respectively.

Therefore the proportion of tall and green phenotype is 3/8 and the proportion of dwarf and green phenotype is 1/8.

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