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 An ideal gas undergoes a quasi static, reversible process in which its molar heat capacity C remains constant.  If during  this process the relation of pressure P and volume V is given by PVn=constant,  then n is given by (Here CP and CV are molar specific heat at constant pressure and constant volume, respectively)
Option: 1  n=\frac{C_{p}}{C_{v}}

Option: 2  n=\frac{C-C_{p}}{C-C_{v}}

Option: 3 n=\frac{C_{p}-C}{C-C_{v}}

Option: 4  n=\frac{C-C_{v}}{C-C_{p}}

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For a polytropic preocess

c=c_{v}+\frac{R}{1-n} \: or \: \frac{R}{1-n} = c-c_{v}

\Rightarrow 1-n=\frac{R}{c-c_{v}} \: or\: n=1-\frac{R}{c-c_{v}}

\Rightarrow n=\frac{c-\left ( c_{v}+R \right )}{c-c_{v}} = \frac{c-c_{p}}{c-c_{v}}

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Ritika Jonwal

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