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 The following reaction occurs in the Blast Furnace where iron ore is reduced to iron metal : Fe2O3(s)+3 CO(g) 2 Fe(l)+3 CO2(g) Using the Le Chatelier’s principle, predict which one of the following will not disturb the equilibrium ?
Option: 1  Removal of CO
Option: 2  Removal of CO2
Option: 3 Addition of CO2
Option: 4 Addition of Fe2O3  

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\\Fe_{2}O_{3}+3CO \leftrightharpoons 2Fe+3CO \\

According to Le Chatelier's principle change in concentration by changing the amount of reactant or product affect the equilibrium. However, the addition of solid reactant won't affect the concentration.

Therefore, addition of solid Fe2O???3 will not disturb the equilibrium. 

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