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25g of an unknown hydrocarbon upon burning produces 88 g of CO_{2} and 9 g of H_{2}O. This unknown hydrocarbon contains:

Option 1) 20 g of carbon and 5 g of hydrogen 

Option 2) 22 g of carbon and 3 g of hydrogen 

Option 3) 24 g of carbon and 1 g of hydrogen 

Option 4) 18 g of carbon and 7 g of hydrogen 

Answers (1)

C_{x}H_{y}+O_{2}\rightarrow xCO_{2}+yH_{2}O

\eta _{co_{2}}=\frac{88}{44}=2mole

\eta _{c}=2mole

weight of carbon W_{c}=2\times 12=24g

Mole of water \eta _{H_{2}}O=\frac{9}{18}=\frac{1}{2}

weight of Hydrogen W_{1}t = \frac{1}{2}\times 2=1g



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