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A circular road of radius 30m has banking at an angle 450. The maximum safe speed of car (in m/s ) having mass 1000kg will be, if the coefficent of friction between road and tyre is 0.5 [g = 10m/s2]

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As we learn

If friction is also present in banking of road -

\frac{V^{2}}{rg}=\frac{\mu+tan\theta}{1-\mu tan \theta}

\theta= angle of banking

\mu= coefficient of friction

V = velocity

- wherein

Maximum speed on a banked frictional road

V=\sqrt{\frac{rg(\mu+tan\theta)}{1-\mu tan\theta}}


 maximum speed with the banked road with the friction is 

v^{2} = rg [\frac{\mu +tan\theta }{1-\mu \tan \theta }] = 900m/s \ \\ \Rightarrow v=30 m/s


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Kuldeep Maurya

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