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A cricket ball of mass 0.15\; kg is thrown vertically up, by a bowling machine, so that it rises to a maximum height of 20\; cm after leaving the machine. If the part pushing the ball applies a constant force F on the ball and moves horizontally a distance of  0.2\; m while launching the ball the value of F (is N). is (g=10\; m/s^{2})
Option: 1 10
Option: 2 100
Option: 3 150
Option: 4 400

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Work done by bowling machine = max. P.E. of the ball

\begin{array}{l} F \times s=m g h \\ F=\frac{m g h}{s}=\frac{0.15 \times 10 \times 20}{0.2}=150 N \end{array}


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