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For adsorption of a gas on a solid, the plot of log \frac{x}{m} Vs log p is linear with slope equal to

  • Option 1)


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    log K

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As we learned inc oncept 

Logarithmic graph of Freundlich isotherm -

log\frac{x}{m}= log K+\frac{1}{n}log p

- wherein

The slope of the straight line gives the value of 1/n. The intercept on y-axis gives the value of log K.



According to Treundlich adsorption, 

Isotherm, \frac{x}{m}= Kp^{\frac{1}{n}}

D \log \frac{x}{m}= \log K +\frac{1}{n}\ log p

Plotting the above equation in graph, we get




The slope gives the value of 1/x

Option 1)


Incorrect option

Option 2)

log K

Incorrect option

Option 3)


Incorrect option

Option 4)


Correct option

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