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The central atoms or ions in a coordination entity behaves as:

  • Option 1)

    Lewis Base

  • Option 2)

    Lewis Acid

  • Option 3)

    Arrhenius Acid

  • Option 4)

    Bronsted Acid


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As we learnt in 

Coordination Entity -

Comparises of a central metal atom or ion bonded to a  fixed no of ions or molecules

- wherein


\left [ Co Cl_{3}\left ( NH_{3} \right )_{3} \right ] +\left [ Ni\left ( Co \right ) _{4}\right ]

    \downarrow                                      \downarrow

Coordination                      entity  

According to the Lewis theory of acids and bases, an entity that accepts a pair of electrons acts as an acid. The central atoms form coordinate bonds and accept pair of electrons.   

Option 1)

Lewis Base

This answer is incorrect

Option 2)

Lewis Acid

This answer is correct

Option 3)

Arrhenius Acid

This answer is incorrect

Option 4)

Bronsted Acid

This answer is incorrect

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