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The self inductance of the motor of an electric fan is 10 H. In order to impart maximum power at 50 Hz, it should be connected to a capacitance of

  • Option 1)

    1\; \mu F

  • Option 2)

    2\; \mu F

  • Option 3)

    4\; \mu F

  • Option 4)

    8\; \mu F


Answers (1)


As we learnt in 

If X_{L}=X_{c} -

This is the resonance condition

For maximum power,   L\omega =\frac{1}{C\omega }

\therefore \; \; C=\frac{1}{L\omega ^{2}}=\frac{1}{10\times (2\pi \times 50)^{2}}

=\frac{1}{10\times 10^{4}\times (\pi )^{2}}=10^{-6}F

or\; \; C=1\, \mu F




Option 1)

1\; \mu F

This option is correct

Option 2)

2\; \mu F

This option is incorrect

Option 3)

4\; \mu F

This option is incorrect

Option 4)

8\; \mu F

This option is incorrect

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