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Coordination number and oxidation number of Cr in 

K_{3}\left [Cr \left (C_{2}O_{4}\right )_{3} \right ] are respectively:

  • Option 1)

    4 and +2

  • Option 2)

    6 and +3

  • Option 3)

    3 and +3

  • Option 4)

    3 and 0


Answers (1)


As we learnt in 

Chelate ligands and Chelate complex -

When a di or polydentate ligand uses its two or more donor atom to bind a single metal atom to form a cycle ring, it is known as chelate ligand.

Complex formed by chelate ligands are called chelate compound. 

- wherein

Chelate complex are more stable than ligands containing unidentate ligand.


 C_{2}O^{2-}_{4}is a chelate ligand and forms two coordinate bonds. Coordination number is 6.

Also on balancing the charge, we find central atom is Cr3+

Therefore, charge is +3


Option 1)

4 and +2

This answer is incorrect

Option 2)

6 and +3

This answer is correct

Option 3)

3 and +3

This answer is incorrect

Option 4)

3 and 0

This answer is incorrect

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