The major product in the following reaction is:

  • Option 1)

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  • Option 3)

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Basicity of Aromatic Amines -

The unshared pair of electrons at the nitrogen atom is in resonance with the benzene ring and hence not fully available for donation as in the case of aniline.





Nature of group and basicity -

Electron withdrawing groups ( -I and -M  effect ) decreases basicity, whereas Electron releasing groups ( +I and +M  effect ) increases basicity.








\rightarrow 1,3,7 Nitrogen have localised lone pair

\rightarrow  They have delocalised lone pair so, they are less nucleophilic and less basic

\Rightarrow1&3 Nitrogen is mare Nucleophilic and more basic as compared to Nitrogen

\Rightarrow Moreover, 3-Nitrogen is most Nucleophilic because of less crowding

                                    More N\mu ^{\circleddash } because of less crowding

                                                                                e^{-} density more at 1,3

                                                                                 But 3rd N is most   N\mu ^{\circleddash }                     


Option 1)

Option 2)

Option 3)

Option 4)