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Which one of the following alkaline earth  metal sulphates has its hydration enthalpy greater than its lattice enthalpy ?

  • Option 1)



  • Option 2)


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As we learnt in

Solubility of sulphates of alkaline metals -

Solubility in water decreases from Be to Ba

- wherein

Lattice energy is constant whereas hydration energy decreases from Be^{2}^{+}\ to\ Ba^{2}^{+}


Solubility of sulphate in water decreases from Be\:to\:Ba

Solubility order

 \Rightarrow BeSO_{4}> MgSO_{4}> CaSO_{4}> SrSO_{4}> BaSO_{4}

Option 1)



This option is incorrect.

Option 2)


This option is correct.

Option 3)


This option is incorrect.

Option 4)


This option is incorrect.

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