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In which of the following species is the underlined carbon having sp^{3} hybridisation?

  • Option 1)

  • Option 2)

  • Option 3)

  • Option 4)


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As we learnt in

sp3 hybridisation -

when one s - and three p - orbital belonging to the same shell of an atom mix together to form four new equivalent orbitals is called sporbital.

- wherein

Shape Tetrahedral 






In molecules  (i)



the carbon atom has a multiple bond,

only (ii) has sp^{3} hybridization.

 If atom has 4 sigma bond without lone pair then the atom is sp3 hybridised. In CH_{3}-\underline{C}H_{2}-OH both C atom is sp3 hybridised 



Option 1)

The solution is incorrect 

Option 2)

The solution is correct 

Option 3)

The solution is incorrect 

Option 4)

The solution is incorrect 

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