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One ticket is selected at random from 50 tickets numbered 00, 01, 02, ...., 49. Then the probability that the sum of the digits on the selected ticket is 8, given that the product of these digits is zero, equals

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As we learnt in 

Probability of occurrence of an event -

Let S be the sample space then the probability of occurrence of an event E is denoted by P(E) and it is defined as 

P\left ( E \right )=\frac{n\left ( E \right )}{n\left ( S \right )}

P\left ( E \right )\leq 1

P(E)=\lim_{n\rightarrow\infty}\left(\frac{r}{n} \right )

- wherein

Where n repeated experiment and E occurs r times.


If the product of the digit is zero, ticket must be one of 00, 01, 02, --- 09, 10, 20, 30, 40.

Total of 14 numbers, only one with sum= 8.


Option 1)


This option is incorrect

Option 2)


This option is incorrect

Option 3)


This option is incorrect

Option 4)


This option is correct

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