The colloid with highest protecting power among the following is

  • Option 1)


  • Option 2)


  • Option 3)

    Gum arabic

  • Option 4)



Answers (1)
V Vakul

As we learned in

Properties of Colloidal Solutions -

Coagulation or Precipitation

- wherein

The stability of the lyophobic sols is due to the presence of charge on colloidal particles. If somehow the charge is removed the particles will come nearer to each other and settle down under gravity.


 Gold number is the minimum amount of protective colloid in milligrams which presents  a color change in gold sol. It is used to describe the protective power of different colloids. 

Protective power is inversely proportional to gold number.

Substance             Gold number 

Caesin                    0.01

Haemoglobin            0.03-0.07

Gum Arabic             0.15-0.25

Albumen                0.15-0.25

Clearly, caesin has highest protective power.




Option 1)


Correct option

Option 2)


Incorrect option

Option 3)

Gum arabic

Incorrect option

Option 4)


Incorrect option

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