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Consider the hydroxyl derivative of benzene given below

I. 1,2 - dihydroxy benzene

II. 1,3 - dihydroxy benzene

III. 1,4 - dihydroxy benzene

IV. Hydroxy benzene

The increasing order of boiling points of above mentioned alcohols is :

Option: 1

I < II < III < IV

Option: 2

I < II < IV < III

Option: 3

IV < I < II < III

Option: 4

IV < II < I < III

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As we learnt,

All dihydroxy benzene will have higher boiling points than monohydroxy benzene. Also, among dihydroxy benzenes, 1,2 - dihydroxy benzene has the lowest boiling point due to intramolecular H - bonding.

Intramolecular H - bonding in 1,2 - dihydroxy benzene :

1, 4-dihydroxy benzene shows the highest boiling point among given compounds because it forms a strong intermolecular hydrogen bond (It does not form intramolecular H-bonding).

So, the increasing order of boiling points will be -


Therefore, option(3) is correct.

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