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Consider two ideal diatomic gases A and B at same temperature T. Molecules of the gas A are rigid and have a mass m. Molecules of the gas B have an additional vibrational mode and have a mass \frac{m}{4}. The ratio of the specific heats \left(C^A_V \textup{ and } C_V^B \right ) of gas A and B respectively is:
Option: 1 5:9
Option: 2 7:9
Option: 3 3:5
Option: 4 5:7

Answers (1)


Molar heat capacity of A at constant volume =\frac{5R}{2}

Molar heat capacity of B at constant volume  =\frac{7R}{2}

Dividing both \frac{(C_V)_A}{C_V)_B}=\frac{5}{7}

Hence the correct option is (4). 

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