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Given below is the plot of a potential energy function U(x) for a system, in which a particle is in one dimensional motion, while a conservative force F(x) acts on it. Suppose that E_{mech} = 8 J, the incorrect statement for this system is :
Option: 1 at x > x_{_{4}}, K.E. is constant throughout the region.
Option: 2 at x<x_{1}, K.E. is smallest and the particle is moving at the slowest speed.
Option: 3 at x=x_{2}, K . E. is greatest and the particle is moving at the fastest speed.
Option: 4 at x=x_{3}$, K.E. $=4 \mathrm{~J}.

Answers (1)


\begin{array}{ll} E_{\text {mech }}=K E+ U=8 \mathrm{~J} \\ \end{array}

\begin{array}{ll} \text { at } x=x_{1}, & U_{1}=8 \mathrm{~J} \\ \end{array}

                        \begin{array}{ll} & K E_1=0 \\ \end{array}

\begin{array}{ll} \text { at } x=x_{2}, & U_{2}=0 \\ \end{array}

                       \begin{array}{ll} & K E_{2}=8 \mathrm{~J} \\ \end{array}

\begin{array}{ll} \text { at } x=x_{3}, & U_{3}=4 \mathrm{~J} \\ & K E_3=4 \mathrm{~J} \\ \text { at } x=x_{4}, & U_4=6 \mathrm{~J} \\ & K E_4=2 \mathrm{~J} \end{array}

The correct option is (2)

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