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Given that the standard potentials (Eo) of Cu2+|Cu and Cu+|Cu are 0.34V and 0.522V respectively, the Eo of Cu2+|Cu+ is:
Option: 1 -0.182 V
Option: 2 +0.158V
Option: 3 -0.158 V
Option: 4 0.182 V

Answers (1)



\mathrm{Cu^{2+}+2e^-\longrightarrow Cu, E^0 = 0.34~V} \quad (1)

\mathrm{Cu^{+}+e^-\longrightarrow Cu, E^0 = 0.522~V} \quad (2)

We need to find out the electrode potential of the reaction

\mathrm{Cu^{2+}+e^-\longrightarrow Cu^+, E^0 = ?} \quad (3)

Reaction (3) can be obtained by carrying out the operation (1) - (2)

Thus, we can write 

\mathrm{\Delta G_3^0 =\Delta G_1^0 -\Delta G_2^0}

\Rightarrow\mathrm{-FE^0_3 = -2F(0.34)-(-F(0.522))}

\Rightarrow\mathrm{E^0_3 = 2(0.34)-(0.522)}

\Rightarrow\mathrm{E^0_3 = 0.158~V}

Therefore, Option(2) is correct.

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Kuldeep Maurya

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