n moles of an ideal gas with constant volume heat capacity C_{V}

undergo an isobaric expansion by certain volume. The ratio of the work done

in the process, to the heat supplied is :

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Answers (1)


First law in isobaric process -

\Delta U= n\, C_{v}\Delta T

= n\frac{R}{\gamma -1}\Delta T

- wherein

\Delta Q= \Delta U+W

         = n\frac{\gamma \: R}{\gamma -1}\cdot \Delta T

\Delta Q= nC_{p}\: \Delta T




W=nR\Delta T

\Delta Q=nC_P\Delta T=(\frac{f}{2}+1)nR\Delta T

\frac{W}{\Delta Q}=\frac{nR\Delta T}{nC_P\Delta T}=\frac{1}{\frac{f}{2}+1}=\frac{2}{2+f}

\frac{W}{\Delta Q}=\frac{2}{2+\frac{2C_V}{nR}}=\frac{2nR}{2(nR+C_V)}

\frac{W}{\Delta Q}=\frac{nR}{(nR+C_V)}

Option 1)


Option 2)


Option 3)


Option 4)