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Which of the following oxides is amphoteric in character?

  • Option 1)


  • Option 2)

    \; CO_2\;

  • Option 3)

    \; SiO_2\;

  • Option 4)

    \; SnO_2


Answers (1)


As we learnt in 

Order of basic oxides of oxygen -

Alaklimetal oxides>alkaline earth metal oxides >transition metal oxides 




Acidic oxides of oxygen -

Non metals oxides are generally acidic 

- wherein




S{n}O_{2}+4HCl\rightarrow S{n}Cl_{4}+2H_{2}O

S{n}O_{2}+2NaOH\rightarrow Na_{2}SnO_{3}+H_{2}O

S{n}O_{2}   is the amphoteric in nature as it acts as both acid and base


Option 1)


This is incorrect option

Option 2)

\; CO_2\;

This is incorrect option

Option 3)

\; SiO_2\;

This is incorrect option

Option 4)

\; SnO_2

This is correct option

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