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Let O be the vertex and Q be any point on the parabola, x2 = 8y. If the point P

divides the line segment OQ internally in the ratio 1 : 3, then the locus of P is :

  • Option 1)

    x2 = y 

  • Option 2)

    y=  x

  • Option 3)

    y=  2x

  • Option 4)

    x2 =  2y 


Answers (2)


As learnt in

Locus -

Path followed by a point p(x,y) under given condition (s).

- wherein

It is satisfied by all the points (x,y) on the locus.



Parametric coordinates of parabola -

x= at^{2}

y= 2at

- wherein

For the parabola.




Selection formula -

x= \frac{mx_{2}+nx_{1}}{m+n}

y= \frac{my_{2}+ny_{1}}{m+n}

- wherein

If P(x,y) divides the line joining A(x1,y1) and B(x2,y2) in ration m:n

 Parametric coordinates (at^{2},2at)

By section formula h\:=\frac{4t}{4}\:=t


eliminating t, we get h2 = 2k

=> x2 = 2y

Option 1)

x2 = y 

This option is incorrect.

Option 2)

y=  x

This option is incorrect.

Option 3)

y=  2x

This option is incorrect.

Option 4)

x2 =  2y 

This option is correct.

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