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The reaction of zinc with dilute and concentrated nitric acid, respectively, produces :

  • Option 1)

     N2O and NO2


  • Option 2)

     NO2 and NO


  • Option 3)

     NO and N2O


  • Option 4)

    NO2 and N2O



Answers (1)

As we learnt in 

Reaction of nitric acid with metals -

Product mainly form nitrates (strong oxidising agent). It depends on the concentration of acid.

- wherein

4Zn+10HNO_{3}\rightarrow 4Zn\left ( NO_{3} \right )_{2}+5H_{2}O+N_{2}O

Zn+4HNO_{3}\rightarrow Zn(NO_{3})_{2}+2H_{2}O+2NO_{2}


Reaction of Zn with HNO_{3} depends on the concentration of  HNO_{3}

Zn+10HNO_{3}(dil)\rightarrow 4Zn(NO_{3})_{2}+N_{2}O+5H_{2}O

Zn+4HNO_{3}(conc.)\rightarrow Zn(NO_{3})+2NO_{2}+2H_{2}O



Option 1)

 N2O and NO2


This option is correct.

Option 2)

 NO2 and NO


This option is incorrect.

Option 3)

 NO and N2O


This option is incorrect.

Option 4)

NO2 and N2O


This option is incorrect.

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