If I, a and t are the moment of inertia, angular acceleration and torque respectively of a body rotating about any axis with angular velocity w, then

  • Option 1)

    t = Ia

  • Option 2)

    t = Iw

  • Option 3)

    I = tw

  • Option 4)

    a = Iw


Answers (1)

As we learnt in

Analogue of second law of motion for pure rotation -

\vec{\tau }=I\, \alpha

- wherein

Torque equation can be applied only about two point

(i) centre of motion.

(ii) point which has zero velocity/acceleration.


 \tau=I \alpha




Option 1)

t = Ia

This option is correct.

Option 2)

t = Iw

This option is incorrect.

Option 3)

I = tw

This option is incorrect.

Option 4)

a = Iw

This option is incorrect.

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