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If p\rightarrow \left ( p\: \wedge \sim q \right ) is false, then the truth values of p and q are respectively :   
Option: 1 F, T
Option: 2 T, F 
Option: 3 F, F 
Option: 4 T, T 

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Relation Between Set Notation and Truth Table -

Sets can be used to identify basic logical structures of statements. Statements have two fundamental roles either it is true or false.

Let us understand with an example of two sets p{1,2} and q{2,3}.

\begin{array}{|c|c|c|}\hline\quad p\vee q\quad & \quad p\cup q\quad&\quad 1,2,3\quad \\ \hline p\wedge q& p\cap q&2 \\ \hline p^c& \sim p & 3,4 \\ \hline q^c& \sim q&1,4 \\ \hline\end{array}

Using this relation we get

\begin{array}{|c|c|c|c|c|c|c|c|c|c|c|}\hline \text{Element } & \mathrm{\;\;\;\;\;}p\mathrm{\;\;\;\;\;}&\mathrm{\;\;\;}q\mathrm{\;\;\;}&\mathrm{\;\;\;\;\;}\sim p\mathrm{\;\;\;\;\;}&\mathrm{\;\;\;}\sim q\mathrm{\;\;\;} &\mathrm{\;\;\;}p\wedge q\mathrm{\;\;}&\mathrm{\;\;}p\vee q\mathrm{\;\;}&\sim\left (p\wedge q \right )\mathrm{\;\;}&\sim p\wedge\sim q\mathrm{\;\;} \\ \hline \hline 1& \mathrm{T}&\mathrm{F} & \mathrm{F} &\mathrm{T}&\mathrm{F}&\mathrm{T}&\mathrm{T}&\mathrm{F} \\ \hline2& \mathrm{T}&\mathrm{T} & \mathrm{F} &\mathrm{F}&\mathrm{T}&\mathrm{T}&\mathrm{F}&\mathrm{T} \\ \hline 3& \mathrm{F}&\mathrm{T} & \mathrm{T} &\mathrm{F}&\mathrm{F}&\mathrm{T}&\mathrm{T}&\mathrm{F} \\ \hline4& \mathrm{F}&\mathrm{F} & \mathrm{T} &\mathrm{T}&\mathrm{F}&\mathrm{F}&\mathrm{T}&\mathrm{F} \\ \hline\end{array}





Practise Session - 2 -

Q1. Write the truth table for the following statement pattern:
        \\ \mathrm{1.\;\;\;\sim(p \vee((\sim q \Rightarrow q) \wedge q))}\\\mathrm{2.\;\;\;(p\wedge q)\vee(\sim r)}\\






\begin{array}{c|c|c}{\mathbf{p}} & {\mathbf{q}} & {(\mathbf{p} \rightarrow(\mathbf{p} \mathbf{\Lambda}-\mathbf{q}))} \\ \hline F & {F} & {\mathbf{T}} \\ \hline F & {T} & {\mathbf{T}} \\ \hline \mathbf{T} & {F} & {\mathbf{T}} \\ \hline \mathbf{T} & {T} & {F}\end{array}

Correct Option (4)

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Option 4 is correct

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Sai nikhil

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