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What is A in the above reaction?

Option: 1

THF or dry ether

Option: 2

Na/liq. NH_3

Option: 3


Option: 4


Answers (1)


As we have learnt,

Wittig's Reaction -

In this reaction, methylene triphenyl phosphorane or phosphorous ylide is treated with a carbonyl compound to prepare an alkene. The mechanism of the reaction is given below.


In this reaction, carbonyl compound treated with ylide in the presence of ethers like THF 

\mathrm{CH_{3}-CH_{2}CHO\: +\: Ph_{3}P=CHC_{2}H_{5}\: \overset{THF\: or\: dry\: ether}{\longrightarrow}\: Ph_{3}PO\: +CH_{3}CH_{2}CH=CHC_{2}H_{5}}

Therefore, option (1) is correct.

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