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In a meter bridge experimental S is a standard resistance, R is resistance wire. It is found that balancing length is l=25 cm. If R is replaced by a wire of half length and half diameter that of R of same material, then the balancing distance {l}' (in cm) will now be _____.
Option: 1 40
Option: 2  50
Option: 3 20
Option: 4 30

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R=\frac{P^{l}}{A}=\frac{4P^{l}}{\pi d^{2}}

{R}'=\frac{4\rho \left ( \frac{l}{2} \right )}{\pi \left ( \frac{d}{2} \right )^{2}}=2R

then, \frac{x}{{R}'}=\frac{X}{2R}=\frac{3}{2}

l=40.00\; cm


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