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In the figure shown with what force must the man pull the rope to hold the plane in position? Weight of the man is 80kgf. Neglect the weights of plank, rope and pulley.




Option: 1

120 kgf

Option: 2

80 kgf

Option: 3

40 kgf

Option: 4

20 kgf

Answers (1)


                              T_1=2T_2\rightarrow- - - - 1         

FBD of man

                           T_2+N=mg        .......(2)

The man applying force on the rope (F) = T2

FBD of the plank

T_1+T_2=N                ...........(3)

Fro equation (2) 

T_1+T_2=mg -T_2



T_2=\frac{mg}{4}, T_1=\frac{mg}{2}, N=\frac{3mg}{4}

Force applied by man = F=\frac{mg}{4}=\frac{80kgf}{4}=20kgf

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Irshad Anwar

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