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In the shown arrangement if f1, f2 and T be the frictional forces on 2kg block, 3kg block and tension in the string respectively, then their values are:



Option: 1

2N, 6N, 3.2N

Option: 2

4N, 9N, 9.8N

Option: 3

4N, 9N, 6.2N

Option: 4

2N, 6N, 6.4N

Answers (1)


T-(f_1+1)=2a                ..............(1)

(8+f_2)-T=3a                ..................(2)

Adding equation (1) and (2)

f_1=(0.2)(2\times 10)=4N

f_2=(0.3)(3\times 10)=9N

12 = 5a

a=2.4 m/s^2, T = 9.8N

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Divya Prakash Singh

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