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On addition of ammonium chloride to a solution of ammonium hydroxide: 

Option: 1

Dissociation of NH4OH increases

Option: 2

 Concentration of OH increases

Option: 3

 Concentration of OH decreases

Option: 4

Concentration of NH4+ and OH increases

Answers (1)


Common ion effect -

The value of the degree of dissociation for a weak electrolyte is decreased by the addition of a strong electrolyte having a common ion. As a result of this effect, the concentration of the uncommon ion of the weak electrolyte decreases.
For example:

  •  \mathrm{NH_{4}OH\: \leftrightarrow \: NH_{4}^{+}\: +\: OH^{-}}
    weak electrolyte

     \mathrm{NH_{4}Cl\: \leftrightarrow \: NH_{4}^{+}\: +\: Cl^{-}}
                       Common ion
     Here \alpha for NH4OH will be decreased by NH4Cl


Due to the common ion effect, the concentration of OH decreases.

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Ajit Kumar Dubey

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