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A conductor of length 5 cm, and resistance 2Ω is moving on frictionless rails with a constant velocity of 5 cm/s in a magnetic field of intensity 3 tesla as shown below. If conductor is connected to a circuit as shown, by two lead wires of almost negligible resistance, then current flowing in it is

  • Option 1)

    0.25 A

  • Option 2)

    2.5 Amp

  • Option 3)

    2.5 mA

  • Option 4)

    0.25 ×104 amp


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Induced Current -

I= \frac{\varepsilon }{R}= \frac{Blv}{R}



 All the 4 resistance are in parallel

=>Req =\frac{R}{4}=1\Omega

Refistance of conductor = 2\Omega

1\Omega and 2\Omega are in series   

\therefore Req=3\Omega

Emf induced across conductor = Blv

=3\times 5\times 10^{-2}\times 5\times 10^{-2}

=75\times 10^{-4}V

\therefore curreent \: flowing=\frac{\varepsilon }{ReQ}=\frac{7.5mV}{3}A


Option 1)

0.25 A

Option is incorrect

Option 2)

2.5 Amp

Option is incorrect

Option 3)

2.5 mA

Option is correct

Option 4)

0.25 ×104 amp

Option is incorrect

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