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Two long parallel wires are at a distance 2d apart. They carry steady equal currents flowing out of the plane of the paper as shown. The variation of the magnetic field B along the line XX'    is given by

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As we learnt in 

Force between two parallel current carrying conductors -

F=\frac{\mu }{4\pi } \frac{2I_{1 I_{2}}}{a} l

\frac{F}{l}=\frac{\mu o}{4\pi } \frac{2I_{1 I_{2}}}{a}

- wherein

I1 and I2 current carrying two parallel wires 

a-seperation between two wires 


 The magnetic field varies inversly with distance for a long conductor.

B\alpha \frac{1}{d}

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Option 2)


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Option 4)


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