The increasing order of nucleophilicity of the following nucleophilies is :

(a)\; CH_{3}CO_{2}^{\ominus }

(b)\; H_{2}O

(c)\; CH_{3}SO_{3}^{\ominus }

(d)\;\overset{\ominus }{O}H

  • Option 1)

    (a)< (d)< (c)< (b)

  • Option 2)

     (b)< (c)< (d)< (a)

  • Option 3)

     (d)< (a)< (c)< (b)

  • Option 4)

    (b)< (c)< (a)< (d)

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V Vakul



Nucleophile -

Those e- rich  chemical species having capacity to attack e-deficient portion of substrate.

- wherein

Nucleophile must have complete octet and atleast one lone pair



(a)    (b) H_{2}O       (c)      (d)\; OH^{-}

Order of Nucleophilicity is

OH^{-}>CH_{3}COO^{-}>CH_{3}SO_{3}^{-}>H_2O                                                                                                                                                  Both are resonance stabilized ion so, donating tendency on oxygen is reduces.

Therefore, d> a> c> b


Option 1)

(a)< (d)< (c)< (b)

Option 2)

 (b)< (c)< (d)< (a)

Option 3)

 (d)< (a)< (c)< (b)

Option 4)

(b)< (c)< (a)< (d)