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The basic structural unit of feldspar, zeolites, mica, and asbestos is :


  • Option 1)


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Zeolites -

Hydrated alumino silicate having negative charge which is balanced by cations such as Na+, K+ or Ca2+

- wherein

Eg. ZSM-5




Silicates -

Compounds with basic unit SiO44-, each Si atom is linked to four oxygen atom tetrahedrally, joined by corners

- wherein





(i) chemical formula zeolite:  .It is also known as hydrated aluminium silicate.

(ii) Mica : It is a potassium aluminium silicate KAl_{3}Si_{3}O_{10}(OH_{2}).

(iii) asbestos: It is a hydrous magnetium silicate with the chemical composition: Mg_{3}Si_{2}O_{5}(OH)_{ 4}.

(iv) Feldsbar is a potassium silicate KAlSi_{3}O_{8} and there are various sub-types of feldsbar are available in earth crust.

\Rightarrow silicate is a general name given to a group of minerals which have silicon-oxygen bonds with general formula (S_{+}O_{4}^{x-})_{n}

\therefore option (3) is correct


Option 1)


Option 2)


Option 3)


Option 4)

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