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The circuit has two oppositely connect ideal diodes in parallel. What is the current following in the circuit?

  • Option 1)

    1.33 A

  • Option 2)

    1.71 A

  • Option 3)

    2.00 A

  • Option 4)

    2.31 A


Answers (1)


As we learnt in

P -N junction as diode -

It is a one way device. It offers a low resistance when forward biased and high resistance when reverse biased.

- wherein

R = 0, Forward 

\rightarrow \infty Reverse


 Diode D1 is in reverse bias and hence this branch will offer infinite resistance and hence we can remove this. 

Diode D2 is forward bias and hence it offer no resistance. 

The circuit can be reduced to 


Correct option is 3.


Option 1)

1.33 A

This is an incorrect option.

Option 2)

1.71 A

This is an incorrect option.

Option 3)

2.00 A

This is the correct option.

Option 4)

2.31 A

This is an incorrect option.

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