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A mass m moves with a  velocity \nu and collides inelastically with another identical mass .After collision the first mass moves with velocity in a direction perpendicular to the initial direction of motion.Find the speed of the 2nd mass after collision

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\frac{\nu }{\sqrt{3}}

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As we learnt in

Elastic Collision in 2 dimension -

\fn_jvn \vec{P_{i}}= \vec{P_{f}}

m_{1}v_{0}\: \: \hat{i}= \left ( m_{1}v_{1} \cos \Theta + m_{2}v_{2} \cos \beta \right )\hat{i}+\left ( m_{1}v_{1} \sin \Theta - m_{2}v_{2} \sin \beta \right )\hat{j}

- wherein