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The coagulating power of electrolytes having ions Na^{+}, Al^{3+} and Ba^{2+} for arsenic sulphide sol increases in the order:

Option: 1

Al^{3+}< Na^{+}< Ba^{2+}

Option: 2

Al^{3+}<Ba^{2+}< Na^{+}

Option: 3

Na^{+}< Ba^{2+}< Al^{3+}

Option: 4

Ba^{2+}< Na^{+}<Al^{3+}

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As discussed in 


According to to Hardy Schulze Rule greater the charge on cation, greater is its coagulating power for negatively charged Arsenic Sulphide solution. 

Hence  Na^{+} < Ba^{2+} < Al^{3+}

As learnt in @9147


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Ritika Kankaria

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