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The correct order of the atomic radii of C, Cs, Al and S is :
Option: 1 S<C<Cs<Al
Option: 2 C<S<Al<Cs
Option: 3 C<S<Cs<Al
Option: 4 S<C<Al<Cs

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Periodicity of atomic radius and ionic radius in period -

In a period from left to right the effective nuclear charge increases because the next electron fills in the same shell. So the atomic size decrease.

- wherein





Electronegativity and atomic radius -

The attraction between the outer electrons and the nucleus increases as the atomic radius decreases in a period.

- wherein





Size of atom and ion in a group -

In a group moving from top to the bottom the number of shell increases.So the atomic size increases.

- wherein


As we know that

From Left to right in a period size decreases and when going down the group size increases

C< S< Al< Cs

Therefore, Option(2) is correct


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Ritika Jonwal

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