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The current I1 (in A) flowing through 1\Omega resistor in the following circuit is:-                                
Option: 1 0.25
 Option: 2 0.40
Option: 3 0.2  
Option: 4 0.5

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Ohms Law -

  1. Ohm’s law

In a conductor, if all external physical conditions like temperature and pressure are kept constant the Current flowing through a conductor is directly proportional to the Potential difference across two ends.

 V\propto I


R- Electric Resistance


  • The graph between V and I

The slope gives the resistance


  • The graph between V and I at different temperatures

Here T1>T2. The resistance of a conductor increases with increase in temperature









 \Delta V_{AB}= \Delta V_{CD}\\ \Rightarrow 2.5*I_2 =2*I_3...(1)

and I_2+I_3=I=\frac{10}{9 }...(2)

From equation (1) and (2)

I_3=\frac{50}{81} , I_2=\frac{40}{81} ,

and I_1= \frac{I_2}{2}=\frac{20}{81} = 0.2469

I_1= 0.25  ( when considered up to two decimal point) 


I_1= 0.2 (when considered up to one decimal point)

Answer given by the NTA is I_1= 0.2 But most appropriate answer is I_1= 0.25

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Ritika Jonwal

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